The Venus Project

We learned about the existence of the Venus Project in 2016. Our attitude towards the “project” was rather cool at first, but as we got acquainted with the Fresco's ideas and understanding theirs essence and, most importantly, theirs historical meaning, we changed our initial opinion.

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The Venus Project: Education

The future education system proposed by the Venus Project will use a holistic approach to learning. What does it mean?

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The Venus Project: Environment

The attitude of supporters of the Venus Project to the environment completely coincides with the mainstream dominating the last few decades: save everything that can still be saved; ecological balance; peaceful mutually beneficial coexistence, symbiosis, etc. We, naturally, agree with all these fine installations, but in this short article, however, we want to put some accents.

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Friedman: The World Is Flat

In the book by Friedman it is conditionally possible to distinguish two parts - the technical part and the ideological part. The first tells us in detail about how the “leveling” took place, the second is events assessment by the author. For those who are interested in particulars and details of the century turn technological breakthrough the technical part of the book will be interesting. The ideological aspect of the book was of the greatest interest to us, but ... Thomas disappointed us.

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